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Melayani pembelian eceran& Grosir.Dengan harga menarik dan radio ternama, seperti

Motorola, Icom, yaesu, kenwood, Firstcom, Weirwei, Olinca , Molson Dll

Dengan jenis radio komunikasi seperti HT RIG SSB Repeater airband dan Tower dan Accessories lainnya, mengerjakan instalasi dan program Repeater, Base stasion, Mobile stasion, Ssb stasion, Radio Marine( seperti pemasangan dikapal laut, speadboard atau tongkang) Menerima perbaikan Repair berbagai jenis radio komunikasi.


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Sabtu, 18 Februari 2012

Motorola Cp 2000, kabel Rg 8 erikson,Yaesu ft 270 r, antena hy gain v2r,Repeaer motola cdr 500

Spesikasi produk
Nama produk
Motorola Cp 2000
Penjelasan produk
 Description: Field Programmable set, with 99-channels ( each programmable for power, channel name and channel spacing) , 5-watt VHF or 4-watt UHF models. Lightweight and sleek
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Spesikasi produk
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kabel Rg 8 Erickson
Penjelasan produk

 Vendor Alpha Wire
 Category Cables, Wires
 Cable Group RG-8
 Cable Type Coaxial
 Color Black
 Conductor Material Copper, Bare
 Conductor Strand 7 Strands / 21 AWG
 Dielectric Material Solid Polyethylene ( PE)
 Features -
 Impedance 52 Ohm
 Jacket ( Insulation) Diameter 0.405" ( 10.29mm)
 Jacket ( Insulation) Material Poly-Vinyl Chloride ( PVC)
 Length 100' ( 30.5m)
 Shield Coverage 96%
 Shield Material Copper, Bare
 Shield Type Braid
 Usage Network
 Wire Gauge 13 AWG ( 2.88mm² )
 VoP, Velocity of Propagation 66
 Dielectric Diameter 0.285" ( 7.24mm)
 Operating Temperature -20° C ~ 60° C
 Lead Free Status Lead Free
 RoHS Status RoHS Compliant
 Other Names 9008 BK005
 9008 BK005
 A318 100 ND

 9008 BK005 Specification Sheet

 Image of COAX CABLE RG8/ U 52 OHM - 9008 BK005
 Image shown is a representation only. Exact specifications should be obtained from the product data sheet.
 COAX CABLE RG8/ U 52 OHM - 9008 BK005 ( A318-100-ND) - Cables, Wires
 Related parts Black Coaxial Cables, Wire 7 Strands / 21 AWG 13 AWG ( 2.88mm² ) 100' ( 30.5m) Alpha Wire Coaxial 9008 BK005
 Black Coaxial Cables, Wire 7 Strands / 21 AWG 13 A

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Spesikasi produk
Nama produk
Yaesu ft 270 r
penjelasan produk

 Enhanced Paging and Code Squelch
 - Automatic Repeater Shift
 - Memory-Only operating
 - Scanning Mode: VFO / Memory / PMS / Dual Watch
 - Nine DTMF Auto-dialer memories
 - Two Front Panel programmable keys
 - Keypad/ Dial Lockout capability
 - RF Squelch
 - Battery Voltage Display
 - TX Deviation Level ( 5 kHz or 2.5 kHz)
 - Transmit Time-out Timer and Automatic Power-Off
 - Busy Channel Lock-out
 - ARTS ( Auto-range Transponding System) that " beeps" the user when you move out of communications range

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Spesikasi produk
Nama produk
Antena hy gain v2r
penjelasan produk

 Brand: Hy-Gain
 Model: V-2R
 Frequency: 138 - 175 MHz
 Gain: 5.2 dBi
 Type: VHF Vertical

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Spesikasi produk
Nama produk
Repeater motorola cdr 500
penjelasan produk
 REPEATER MOTOROLA CDR 500 Repeaters Motorola CDR 500 ekstensif menawarkan fungsionalitas dan daya untuk membantu meningkatkan jangkauan dan kemampuan menelepon mobile atau portabel radio-sehingga dapat meningkatkan efisiensi dalam pekerjaan. Repeater Motorola CDR 500 dapat menerima dan radio transmisi resending ini sangat kuat untuk membantu memperluas jangkauan komunikasi dan mempertahankan kualitas suara jernih. Tersedia dalam lowband, UHF, VHF dan frekuensi, maka repeater Motorola CDR 500 dan CDR700 sesuai dengan berbagai aplikasi dan mudah diintegrasikan dengan infrastruktur yang ada.

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antena shakespeare 420,kabel progam motorola,batrey motorola gp 3188,batrey weirwei 3288,ssb vertex standart vx-1700

Spesikasi produk
Nama produk
antena shakespeare 420
Penjelasan produk

 * Frequency: VHF Marine band
 * Bandwidth ( within 2.0: 1 SWR) : 5 MHz
 * SWR: 1.5: 1 at 156.8 MHz
 * Impedance ( Ohms) : 50
 * Gain: 3 dB
 * Max. Input ( Watts) : 50
 * DC Ground: NO
 * Termination: 15' RG-58 cable
 * Height ( feet) : 5
 * Polarization: Vertical
 * Radiation pattern: Omni-directional

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Spesikasi produk
nama produk
kabel progam motorola
penjelasan produk

 Multi-utility programming cable for Motorola GP88S/ GP88

 RIBLESS design ( RIB box not required) .

 RJ45 to radio:

 ALL Maxtrac Mobiles, CM200, CM300, PM400, GR400, GR500, GM300, GTX Mobile, M1225, M10, M100, M120, M130, M200, M1225, Sportbase, M400, Radius Mobile, GR300, GR1225, R1225, LCS2000, Maratrac, SM50, SM120 and Desktrac.

 Battery Connector to Radio:

 Motorola GP300, GTX & GP88 portable

 Require power supply or battery ( 9V)

 2.5 mm plug to Radio:

 Motorola CP200, CP150, CT150, CT250, CT450, CT450-LS, GP2000, GP2100, CP040 PRO3150, PR400, P040, P080 & GP68 Radios.

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Spesikasi produk
Nama produk
batrey motorola gp 3188
Penjelasan produk

 Battery for Motorola GP3188
 Chemistry: NI-MH
 Voltage: 7.2V
 Capacity: 1400mAh
 Dimensions: 120.7 x 60 x 21.6 mm            
 Color: Black
 Brand: Replacement

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Spesikasi produk
nama produk
batrey weirwei 3288
penjelasan produk


 Voltage: 7.4V
 Capacity: 1200 mAH
 Chemistry: Li-ion

Spesikasi produk
Nama produk
ssb vertex stanart vx-1700
penjelasan produk


 * Frequency Range: RX: 30 kHz-30.0000 MHz; TX: 1.600-30.0000 MHz
 * A1A ( CW) , J3E ( LSB/ USB) , A3E ( AM) , J2B ( USB/ LSB)
 * 200 Memory Channels ( arranged in five banks)
 * Alpha-Numeric labeling of Memory channels
 * Power Output:
 o 125 W ( A1A, J2B, J3E @ 1.6000 ~ 3.9999 MHz)
 o 100 W ( A1A, J2B, J3E @ 4.0000 ~ 30.000 MHz)
 o 31 W AM Carrier ( A3E @ 1.6000 ~ 3.999 MHz)
 o 25 W AM Carrier ( A3E @ 4.0000 ~ 30.000 MHz)
 * Mobile Antenna ( Option)
 * SELCALL, TELCALL, Message Call, Position Request Call, Position Send Call, Beacon Request Call
 * ALE Operation ( requires optional ALE-1 unit)
 * Dual Watch Operation
 * External Automatic Antenna Tuner, FC-30 and FC-40 available
 * VOX
 * Noise Blanker
 * Dimmer function
 * CW Side tone function
 * CW Semi-break-in
 * PC Programmable

 * Model VX-1700 : MIL

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Jumat, 17 Februari 2012


Spesikasi produk
Nama produk
icom m304
Penjelasan produk

 Compact and submersible

 Equivalent to IPX7 ( 1m depth for 30 minutes, except cables) .
 Large easy-to-see LCD

 Shows full size channel number with 4-step backlighting.
 Built-in DSC that meets RTCM SC-101

 For distress calls, or for position request/ position report.
 New Force5Audio™ speaker

 Delivers impressive audio output with powerful bass.
 Favorite channel function

 Offers quick channel selection from the microphone up/ down buttons.
 AquaQuake draining function

 The vibrating “ buzz” sound clears water away from the speaker grill.
 Weather channel with weather alert

 Listen for important weather broadcasts
 Dualwatch and Tri-watch functions

 Monitors Ch.16 and/ or call channel, while using another channel.

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Spesikasi produk
Nama produk
icom m34
penjelasaan produk

 Other features

 * Powerful 5W output power
 * Dual/ Tri-watch functions
 * 4-step battery life indicator
 * Weather channel with weather alert
 * 2-step power saver
 * Auto scan function
 * Instant access to Ch 16 or Ch 9
 * Optional battery case for using with alkaline cells

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Spesikasi  produk
Yaesu vx8gr
penjelasan produk

Key Addional APRS® Features of the VX-8GR include:

 • APRS® 1200/ 9600 bps data communication ( B band only) .

 • Smart Beaconing ™ Function: When using APRS® for position tracking, the beacon timing is automatically adjusted to your traveling speed and location to plot a smoother trace to match your position and movement on a map.

 • The number of Station List memories increased to 50.

 • The number of APRS Message memories increased to 30.

 • DIGI-PATH route indication function: The APRS® Packet data includes Digipeater routing info.

 • Heads up compass display to the GPS Screen: Traveling direction is always toward top of the display.

 • The Message received LED flashing rate is selectable.
 • The number of DIGI-PATH route settings is increased to 7.

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spesikasi produk
nama produk
penjelasan produk

 The VX-6R is an ultra-rugged 144-430 MHz FM Hand-Held featuring wide receiver coverage, JIS7 submersibility, the Yaesu-exclusive Emergency Automatic Identification ( EAI) system, and ultra-simple keyboard access to important features.

 New on the VX-6R is the One-Touch Direct Memory Recall feature, that allows you to recall ten favorite memories with a single button press, just like on your car stereo.

 The VX-6R comes equipped with a high-capacity 1400 mAh Lithium-Ion Battery Pack.

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Spesikasi produk
Nama produk
alinco dr 135
Penjelasan produk

 The Alinco DR-135 series features a full-featured 2 Meter 50 watt FM transceiver with an alphanumeric display ( up to seven characters) , 100 memory channels aircraft ( AM) plus extended receive. Three power outputs ( 50/ 10/ 5 watts) are available. CTCSS encode and decode are standard. The receive range is 118-135.995 MHz ( AM) and 136-173.995 MHz ( FM) . This radio is 5.55 x 1.61 x 6.06 inches 1.9 Lbs ( 141x41x154mm 0.86 kg) . The DR-135 series each include the EMS-56 DTMF Hand Mic, mobile bracket, DC cord, alarm cable and mounting hardware.

 The current product is the Alinco DR-135TMkIII. It is supplied with the EMS-57 DTMF hand mic.

 The DR-135T has a black case. The pewter colored versions are no longer available.
 The " P" versions include the EJ-41U Packet option factory installed.

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Spesikasi produk
nama produk
kenwod tm 271
Penjelasan produk

 Frontiers are not for the weak. It takes a rugged vehicle to meet the challenges of the wilderness, and Kenwood' s new TM-271A is tough. This compact, MIL-STD-compliant transceiver deliver powerful mobile performance and such advanced features as multiple scan functions and memory names, as well as NOAA Weather Band & emergency alert reception* . On or off the road you can always enjoy the sophistication of high-quality audio. Illuminated keys and a large LCD with adjustable green backlighting for easy operation day or night help make the TM-271A the ideal companion for all your travels.

 • High power 60W output
 • Weather Alert ( U.S. only)
 • U.S. MIL-STD 810 C/ D/ E/ F
 • High quality front speaker
 • 200 memory channels, plus one call channel
 • 6 alphanumeric characters offers 100 memory channels
 • Multiple scan functions
 • CTCSS & DCS Encoder/ Decoder
 • High frequency stability with built-in TCXO

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Spesikasi gambar
Nama produk
werwei v8
Penjelasan produk

 BUILT IN FM Radio ( 88~ 108Mhz )

 Frequency range( MHz)
 136-174 Mhz
 Temperature range
 -20 to + 60
 Voltage( DC)
 Memory channels
 Rubber Antenna
 Antenna impedance
 Co-channel or Simplex or Duplex
 Output power
 5W/ 2W/ 1W
 98× 53× 30mm220g

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Spesikasi produk
Nama produk
earphone pmln 4606
penjelasan produk
earphone originala pmln 4606 for handie talkie motorola gp 2000 and motorola gp 3188.

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Kamis, 16 Februari 2012

icom ic,kabel rg,antenna ringgo,alinco dr,alinco dj

Spesikasi produk
nama produk
Icom ic 2200hitam
Penjelasan produk

 65W* of output power

 A MOS-FET power amplifier provides 65W* of stable output power. A one piece, aluminum chassis helps to keep the transceiver cool and provides durable long-lasting construction.
 * Depending on version
 Optional digital unit, UT-118

 The optional UT-118 provides digitally modulated and demodulated clear voice and data communication at 4.8kbps. Store up to 6 of your own callsigns, and up to 6 more from other stations. Or instead of recording a callsign, record any message of up to 20 characters. You may then make a call by sending one of your callsigns or a recorded CQ message. The digital callsign squelch allows you to choose an incoming call selected by the callsign. When connected to an external GPS receiver* , position information may be exchanged with other stations.
 * NMEA 0183 output and RS-232C interface are required.
 Simple operation

 The IC-2200H retains a familiar user interface to the IC-2100H. The large tuning dial provides easy access to active channels even without looking at the front panel. Secondary functions are easily recalled by holding the appropriate button.
 Dynamic Memory Scan ( DMS)

 With a total of 207 alphanumeric memory channels, Icom’ s exclusive DMS system allows you to scan selected memory banks by simply adding and deleting bank links.
 CTCSS and DTCS operation standard

 The IC-2200H contains 50 CTCSS and 104× 2 DTCS encode/ decode plus tone scan functions. The “ pocket beep” feature gives you an audible and visual indicator of an incoming call.
 And more…

 * 24 DTMFautodial memories
 * DTMFcode squelch and pager function with optional DTMF decoder, UT-108
 * Weather channel with weather alert function
 U.S.A. version only
 * FM narrow mode switchable
 Depending on version
 * Selectable squelch delay
 * Built-in 10dB squelch attenuator

 * terms of use
 * contact us
 * about icom
 * © 2011 Icom America Inc. The Icom logo is a registered trademark of Icom Inc.

 Icom America

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Spesikasi produk
nama produk
kabel rg 8 9913
Penjelasan produk

 Model # 9913
 Product Description 50 Ohm Coaxial Cable - Low Loss RG8/ U Cable
 Cable Type 3/ 8" Braided
 Connectors Choose Below - Note: Price INCLUDES installation of connectors.
 Shield % 100%
 Impedance 50 Ohms
 VOP. 84%
 Center Conductor 0.108" Solid
 Insulation Polyethylene
 Other Spec Black Jacket
 Nom. core O.D. ( in.) 0.285"
 Nom. O.D. ( in.) 0.405"
 Losses Shown are based on 100 Foot Length
 loss 50 MHz 0.9 db
 loss 100 MHz 1.3 db
 loss 400 MHz 2.7 db
 loss 900 MHz 4.2 db
 loss 1000 MHz 4.5 db
 Nom. Capacitance ( pF/ ft) 24.6
 Sold By Per Foot ( Note - When ordering) 1 unit sold = 1 foot, 10 units sold = 10 feet, 50 units sold = 50 feet, etc.
 Warranty 1 Year

 Add to Cart:

 * Model: 9913
 * Manufactured by: Belden

 Please Choose:
 Connector 1 Installed

 Connector 2 Installed

 Heat Shrink Connectors

 * One time charges may apply
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Gambar produk
Antena base diamond series                                                                                      

 Special Features:
 • Fiberglass radomes
 • Overlapping outer shells for added strength
 • Strong waterproof joint couplings
 • Stainless steel hardware
 • Wide band performance
 • Factory adjusted – no tuning required
 • Highest gain
 • High wind rating
 • DC grounded

 BC200 Base Antenna

 Band:      430-490 MHz
 Element Phasing:      3-5/ 8l
 Gain ( dB) :      6.5
 Watts:      200
 Connector:      UHF
 Weight:      3 lbs.
 Length:      5.6'
 Max Wind Resistance:      130 MPH

 BC200-460 Base Antenna

 Band:      450-460 MHz
 Element Phasing:      3-5/ 8l
 Gain ( dB) :      6.5
 Watts:      200
 Connector:      UHF
 Weight:      3 lbs.
 Length:      5.6'
 Max Wind Resistance:      130 MPH

 BC200-470 Base Antenna

 Band:      460-470 MHz
 Element Phasing:      3-5/ 8l
 Gain ( dB) :      6.5
 Watts:      200
 Connector:      UHF
 Weight:      3 lbs.
 Length:      5.6'
 Max Wind Resistance:      130 MPH

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Spesikasi produk
Nama produk
alinco dr 620 (dual band)
Penjelasan produk
The Alinco DR-620T is a twin band mobile transceiver operating on the 2 meter and 70 cm bands. It has transmit coverage from 144 to 147.995 and 430-449.995 MHz. Receive coverage is 108 to 173.995 and 335 to 480 MHz. This includes the VHF air band in AM mode and the FM broadcast band 87.5 to 108 MHz in Wide FM mode. 200 alphanumeric memories are available. Power output on VHF is 50/ 10/ 5 watts and UHF is 35/ 10/ 5 watts. Dual band receiver with V/ V and U/ U capability ( cross-band repeat is not supported) . The large, easy-to-read three color ( amber/ yellow/ orange) LCD shows status icons and alphanumeric tags. Other features include: auto power off, time out timer, tone burst, scan, channel lock-out, dimmer, VFO auto program, theft alarm function, narrow FM, power supply voltage display and remotable head. A fan on the rear panel insures cool operation during transmit. The front panel is remotable via the optional EDS-9 separation kit. The advanced 10F3 digital mode with speech compression technology is available via the optional EJ-47U board.

 The supplied EMS-57 Electret Condenser DTMF Hand Mic supports parameter setting and direct frequency entry. The radio also comes with DC cable, mobile mounting bracket with hardware, anti-theft ( ACC on/ off) function cable and anti-theft sticker.
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Spesikasi produk
Nama produk
alinco dj 195/196
Penjelasan produk

 • Alphanumeric display
 • 40 memory channels
 • 5 watt output with standard battery
 • CTCSS encode+ decode and DCS
 • 13.8 VDC direct input with battery charge feature
 • Direct frequency input
 • S-meter
 • Autodialer
 • Cable Cloning
 • Computer programmable ( third party software required)
 • MARS/ CAP capability ( DJ-195T/ 196T)
 • Additional features, including theft alarm!
 • Back-lit keypad ( DJ-196T Only)
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Rabu, 15 Februari 2012

weirwei,mag one,icom,motorola,

Spesikasi produk
Nama produk
Weirwei 3288s

Penjelasan produk

 * 128 Groups of memory channels
 * Built-in 50 Groups of CTCSS and 104 Groups of DCS
 * Wide( 25kHz) and Narrow( 12.5kHz) available
 * Come with 1200mAh Li-ion battery
 * Input Freq. By using keypad Display Tag funtion
 * VOX built-in
 * Scan function
 * Three color LCD backlight display
 * Emergency Alarm
 * Programmable by PC ( interface cable is not include)
 * Bell ring when receiving signal
 * Priority Scan Function
 * Adjust RF output power Hi/ Lo
 * Switching between Channel/ Freq.
 * Adjust squelch level( 0-9)
 * Busy channel lockout
 * Keypad lock , TAG funtion
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spesikasi produk
Mag one 8 vhf

penjelasan produk

 Highlights of the A8

 Signalling – No

 Option Board – No

 Keypad – No

 Display – No

 Emergency Button – No

 Battery Life – 8 hours ( High Power) – with Standard capacity NiMH battery

 MilSpec – MIL-STD 810C, D, E & F

 Intrinsically Safe – No

 Weight ( gm/ kg) – 350gms ( With Standard capacity NiMH battery, belt-clip & standard UHF antenna)

 Power Output – 1-4W ( UHF) , 1-5W ( VHF)

 Frequency – 150– 174 MHz, 450-470 MHz

 Channels – 16

 Dimension ( H X W X D) – 107mm x 58mm x 37mm ( With standard NiMH battery)
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Spesikasi produk
Nama produk
icom v80

Penjelasan produk

 WX channel and weather alert function ( USA version only)
 Program, memory, skip, priority and tone scans
 Power save function
 BNC type antenna connector
 Automatic repeater function ( USA version only)
 1750Hz tone for European repeater access ( IC-V80E only)
 TOT ( time out timer) setting
 Repeater lockout and busy channel lockout
 PC programmable with optional CS-V80
 Transceiver-to-transceiver cloning ( optional)
 Direct keypad frequency entry
 DTMF memory channels
 Auto power off
 LCD backlight
 Wide/ narrow channel spacing
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Spesikasi produk
Nama produk
Motorola gm 3188 vhf 45 wat
Penjelasan produk

 8 channels
 12.5/ 25kHz channel spacing
 2 programmable buttons
 PL/ DPL Codes
 High/ Low Transmit Power settings
 Repeater Talk around
 Tight/ Normal Squelch
 Priority Scan
 Nuisance Channel Delete
 Busy Channel Lockout
 Time-out-timer ( 15 to 180 seconds, or infinite)
 MDC Signalling
 PTT-ID encode
 Selective radio inhibit decode
 Radio Check decode
 Quick-Call II signaling
 Call Alert decode
 Selective Call decode
 DTMF Signalling
 PTT-ID encode
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